Personal Brand Accelerator

The most comprehensive Personal Branding course for professional, ambitious women who want to unlock their true potential and ensure their talent isn't overlooked

Women are often overlooked for new opportunities and promotions because we have a tendency to self-reject and shy away from putting ourselves forward, hoping that hard work and diligence will get us noticed and rewarded

But in todays competitive work place competency and performance alone is not enough, Visibility is the new career currency.

During this course I'll show you:

1. How to shift your mindset and become empowered

2. How to leverage your expertise and strengths to best effect

3. How to communicate with confidence and authority

4. How to self-promote with integrity

5. How to engage your stakeholder audience

6. All my tips and strategies for making the right impression

What you will get as a result:

1. A 360 assessment of your Personal Brand and how you are perceived today

2. Clarity on your desired career direction and ambition

3. A clear Personal Brand strategy aligned to your vision and future career ambition

4. The tools to amplify and activate your Personal Brand and help you achieve your goals

5. The confidence to go for the next opportunity that comes your way

Module 1: The Foundations of your Personal Brand

5 Instructional Videos and Coursework assignments:

1. Personal Brand Assessment

2. Ask the audience

3. Uncovering your Digital Footprint

4. What you want to be known for

5. Developing your Value Proposition

Module 2: Brand for the career you want not the job you have

5 Instructional Videos and Coursework assignments:

1. Stand in the future of your Career

2. What's your Career Sweet Spot

3. Connecting SMART goals to your Career Ambition

4. Identifying your Transferrable Skills

5. Development Needs

Module 3: The secret of getting ahead is getting started

5 Instructional Videos and Coursework assignments:

1. Communicating with Confidence

2. Creating a compelling Elevator pitch

3. Finding and connecting with your Audience

4. Creating an empowering Brand story

5. Showcasing your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Coming October 2021

The course will be available as individual modules or all 3 at a reduced rate

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If we haven't met. I'm Mel Stanley. I'm a Personal Brand & Marketing Strategist, working exclusively with professional women helping them to unlock their true potential and get promoted faster.
You'll find me mostly on LinkedIn but you can view my website www.FirstWoman.Rocks to find out more about what I do.